Update on the “Creed” Series

Last fall at CrossWay we began a major series called “Creed.”  The goal of this series is to explore up close each of the 24 topics in the Mennonite Confession of Faith.  To avoid having a massive, half-year series, we divided it up into miniseries and scheduled some breaks in between.

At the end of 2007, we were just over the halfway mark.  Toward the end of the year, as I was looking ahead to 2008, I had several discussions with some of the leaders at CrossWay and some pastor friends about the direction of “Creed” and our preaching schedule.  We decided together to share the second half of the “Creed” series in a different way.  What we’ll do is plug some of the remaining miniseries into our regular preaching schedule.  Some of the other miniseries will be made available as recordings on CD and on the podcast.  Whenever the recordings are completed, I’ll blog about it.

The reason for the change is simple: While we still believe in the critical importance of the “Creed” series, we’re aware that much of what remains is in-house kind of stuff.  Since we’re focusing on outreach and evangelism, we want to make sure that our Sunday morning messages are something that new Christians and non-Christians can understand and relate to as well as long-time Christians.  While this is completely possible to do by presenting the material in the right way, we decided that it would be much more constructive to schedule some different sermon series and finish out “Creed” as I’ve just described.

Just thought I’d offer that explanation so it doesn’t seem like “Creed” suddenly vanished midway.

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