Rick Warren and the Gang

Yesterday I went to Ebenezer’s in D.C. to see Rick Warren.  Ebenezer’s is a coffeehouse on Capitol Hill, run by National Community Church.  I went up there with Pastor Daryl from SonRise and Pastor John from the Gathering Tree.  Here we are with Rick (I know this picture is blurry, but I should be receiving an unblurry version soon):

It was great!  I expected it to be good, but it was more than good.  I’ve read Rick’s books, listened to his sermons and podcasts, read his articles, and all that stuff.  But after spending a couple hours with him, I’m convinced that he is one of the most amazing, humble, Christlike people I’ve ever met.  His heart for pastors, for the church, and for Christ inspired us all.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more personable!  I can see why God chose him to write the bestselling non-fiction book of all time (after the Bible).

While we were waiting for things to get started, Daryl and John and I were just sitting there talking.  Then someone came up and put his arm around Daryl.  Daryl told us later that he thought it was someone he knew from church planting circles.  It wasn’t.  It was Rick Warren.  Rick thanked him for coming, shook hands with us and asked our names, then worked his way to the front.  It was nothing like a politician working the crowd; it was everything like a pastor greeting his congregation on a Sunday morning.

As Rick talked for about an hour and forty-five minutes, I was amazed at his humble brilliance.  Many times I was tempted to scribble some notes, but wasn’t able to because I was holding a digital voice recorder to capture the session (Mark Batterson, the pastor at NCC, had said this was okay.  I wasn’t trying to pull a pirating job or anything).  After I listen to the recording and take notes, I’ll post some of the gems on here.

After fielding some questions, Rick asked if he could have his picture taken with us, one at a time, so he could later pray for each one of us.  He had his own people there to take the pictures, and when they’re ready, they’ll email us a link to them.  It was pretty cool–his guy that travels with him and keeps him on schedule told him he didn’t have time for the pictures, but Rick insisted on doing it anyway!  Very wise, caring, and friendly guy.

Even if the session with Rick Warren hadn’t been so great, it still would have been a very worthwhile trip.  Daryl and John and I had a lot of fun together, and even managed to do some serious planning for two joint projects (“Text It” and “Vote Jesus”).  You’ll hear about them in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Daryl raved all morning about your trip, sounds like you guys had a great time. Particularly in Union Station :ahem: haha.

  2. Yeah, Daryl had a great time at Union Station…until he saw some dude puking in a trash can and nearly lost his own food court lunch.

  3. Nathan,

    Oh man, you fit right in – don’t ya?

    Compare yourself now to Nathan at UMBC, delivering Pizza – eh? Haa, Haa, Hoo, Hee, Haa!!!

    That must have been better then seeing Bruce Springsteen in Concert! Probably not, but darn close!!!!!


  4. Hey, man… sorry about the blurry pic. I WAS BEING RUSHED!!! 🙂

    Oh, yeah… I can tell that joint is a hawk from the latest pics… mean-lookin’ sucker, too!

  5. Funny thought, Judy.

    Hey Darren, the blurriness isn’t your fault! I forgot to turn on the flash. For some reason, even though this camera takes nice pictures, it tends to come out blurry when it’s inside with no flash. That could probably be fixed, but I haven’t yet figured it out. Most of the pictures I took during Rick’s talk were also blurry, and I was holding the camera perfectly still. Thanks for taking the shot for us! (Besides, Rick’s people also took the picture, and that one will hopefully be clear.)

    And yes, that hawk definitely didn’t look like he came to make friends!

  6. Oh man! I was there, bro! I should have known. We could have connected. Are you planning on going to Whiteboard? If so, we could meet then.

  7. Hey Jumaine! I’m not going to Whiteboard because of a scheduling conflict, unfortunately. But Darren and I have talked about meeting for lunch some time in Easton, and that’d be great if you’d be interested in joining us!

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