Hollywood God: Spider-Man 3

Yesterday at CrossWay we wrapped up the Hollywood God series with Spider-Man 3.  This final chapter in the Spider-Man trilogy provides some great illustrations about how Jesus Christ brings us freedom from sin.

In the movie, Peter Parker/Spider-Man encounters a symbiote that has crashed into earth.  It’s this tar-like substance that bonds itself with a living host.  The symbiote brings out the worst–the dark side–in whoever it attaches itself to.

One of Parker’s science professors examines the symbiote and warns Peter not to touch it, telling him that it can be “hard to unbind.”  Sin is the same way.  It binds itself to us and can be hard to unbind.  In fact, it’s impossible to unbind apart from Christ.

That’s the good news–Jesus offers us freedom from slavery to sin!  No matter what it is we’re wrestling with–anger, pride, jealousy, lust, drug addiction, etc.–Jesus can bring us complete freedom.  This truth is so prevalent throughout Scripture that it was hard to choose a central Bible passage.  Finally we settled on Romans 8:1-11.  It explains how sin brings bondage and death, but the Spirit of Christ brings freedom and life.

Next up: A two-week series on family.  It kicks off next week with a message about parenting by Pastor John from the Gathering Tree.

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