Dumb Sign

Dumb signs make me laugh.  Check out this one I saw in the grocery store a couple days ago:

Don’t get me wrong, I like Food Lion and shop there regularly.  But since when is $5.29 a “Great Price” for a 12-pack of soda?!?  Shouldn’t they be trying to hide the fact that their Coke products are ridiculously expensive, rather than highlighting it?  Why does this sign even exist?  I won’t pay much more than $5.29 for a whole case (24 cans) of Coke!

Speaking of which, this makes it even worse: Right nearby this sign was another one pitching whole cases (“cubes) of Pepsi products for only 70 cents more.  I’m sure the Coke people appreciated that.

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  1. This is why I love America! Why can’t we have 24 cans of Coke for less than $6? If you can get it for $18 here you’re happy.

    Though I saw 24 cans of Pepsi for only $10 yesterday and I was very sad because I refuse to drink Pepsi, but they never have Coke at that price.

  2. When you come here in a year or so, you should stock up!

  3. that is pretty funny.

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