Kickin’ a Phat Beat

After the teachers left the Training Station yesterday afternoon and I had the building all to myself, I practiced on the drumset.  Josh recorded the songs for this Sunday so I could practice.  It worked pretty well.  He recorded the guitar and vocals, so I put them on my iPod along with recordings that other bands have made of each song.  I listened to the other bands to see what their drummers did, then listened to Josh’s recording and played along with it.

It went nicely, but it’s hard to memorize how to play a song the same way each time on the drumset.  There’s so much repetition involved!  There were four songs that I probably played about twenty times each.  That still leaves me with a couple more to work on.  One of the tricky things will be remembering how I played each song.  I guess maybe I should record myself playing each one so I can remember on Sundays how to play it!

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  1. Nate,
    I just read your comment on the “Biblical Preaching” blog about the passage you’d want to preach. That 1 John passage is pretty interesting. If you’ve got about 25 minutes of extra time, here’s the link to the sermon video (I don’t go into super deep detail, but you should get the gist of it):

    And I just saw that you’re coming to Eastern Mennonite this weekend. That’s in my backyard–I’m about 20 minutes from EMU. In fact, before our church transitioned to a network of house churches, we met at EMU for about 3 years.


  2. Cool. Thanks for the link, Aaron!

    By the way, it’s a class through EMU, but it’s not actually at EMU. It’s a satellite thing. Interesting connection, though!

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