Weekend Stuff

Stuff from the weekend:

  • On Friday and Saturday I took a class in the Lancaster, PA area.  The course is called Anabaptist Leadership, Polity, and Effectiveness.  I’m still not sure exactly what polity is, but it sounds pretty complicated.  Our instructor is very good–knowledgeable, funny, personable, and good at both imparting information and facilitating discussion.
  • While in PA I stayed with Michael & Kristen.  Michael recently acquired some cool coffee-making toys.  He makes a mean latte!  His homemade lattes are much better than any I’ve had even at Starbucks–in spite of the fact that he uses what he calls “raw milk” (unpasteurized or something like that).  Michael had told me that he was “having a few people over to play some games” on Friday night.  I felt kind of bad about crashing the party until I found myself in the middle of the biggest party I’ve been to since high school.  It was a lot of fun!  Michael & Kristen have a very interesting, diverse, fun, and nice–and vast–collection of amigos.
  • On the way to class on Saturday morning I was frustrated because I got stuck behind a slow-moving eighteen-wheeler on those winding, hilly Lancaster roads.  At least I thought it was slow-moving, but I was wrong.  I discovered that slow is not being stuck behind a huge truck on Lancaster roads.  Slow is getting stuck behind a huge truck that’s stuck behind a horse and buggy on Lancaster roads.  However, this discovery did nothing to relieve my sense of urgency.
  • At CrossWay yesterday our worship pastor, Josh, preached an excellent message addressing the question: Is the Bible for Real?  He did a great job but also kicked it up a notch with some excellent visuals.  Challenging as it is, I’d like to keep meeting that new standard each week.  It really enhanced the worship service.  It was pretty impressive to see a guy work all night with the fire department, then come to church and set up the video projection, lead the worship music, and preach the sermon.
  • Also in the worship service yesterday we had a “human video” by a youth group from Greenwood, Delaware.  It was to the Aaron Jeoffrey song “He Is.”  It was excellent!
  • After church we held our monthly leadership meeting.  I didn’t get a head count, but it was easily the best turnout we’ve had.  The food was really good too (we always eat lunch together before the meeting).  Someone made some serious cupcakes… mmm….
  • Yesterday marked week three with me behind the drums at church.  Josh made a recording of each song and sent it to me a week in advance, so I was able to practice a little bit.  That was a huge help!  Even so, I butchered one song.  I started it off wrong, and then I couldn’t figure out how to change it!  After the service I was greatly relieved to observe that one of our youth, Levi, is making enormous strides in his drum playing.  Hopefully it won’t be long before he’s riding the stool on Sunday mornings!  I really enjoy playing the drums, but I also enjoy singing.  Unfortunately, enjoyment and ability are not always linked.
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  1. I found out that technically I’m making cappuccinos not lattes. The difference is the amount of froth, I guess.

  2. Well whatever it is, it’s art. Delicious art. Keep creating, brutha!

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