Summer 2008

This summer is shaping up to be a very exciting one!  Our plans for the summer include exactly three things:

(1) Work hard.

(2) Play hard.

(3) Rest hard.

Work hard:

Okay, so Carolyn’s not planning to work too hard, although she probably will anyway because she doesn’t like doing nothing.  She’s helping out with Vacation Bible School at CrossWay, and she always helps out a lot with church stuff during the summer.  So even though she won’t be working at her job, she’ll probably work hard.

My work goals for the summer are pretty ambitious: I’m aiming to complete all my sermon outlines up to summer 2009, and complete sermon manuscripts through the end of 2008.  This will require lots of study and lots of writing, but it’s the target I’m aiming for.

The beginning of the summer will be an intense four-week series called “Play Ball!” that we’re doing with several other churches in June, culminating in a Shorebirds game.  The very next day we kick off Vacation Bible School.

Play hard:

We’ve got some pretty exciting plans for the summer!  They include:

  • A Nationals game at their new stadium.
  • A Yankees game in the Bronx.
  • Something special for our fourth wedding anniversary, perhaps a short getaway to Lancaster, PA.
  • A cookout with all the Hyde clan at my parents’ house.
  • A performance of In the Beginning at Sight & Sound in Strasburg, PA.
  • A couple weeks in Costa Rica.

Rest hard:

Whenever I’m not doing any of that stuff above, you can find me either lying on the beach at Assateague or on the couch with a good novel.

When September rolls around, we’ll get back to normal life.

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  1. Costa Rica? That’s awesome!

  2. costa rica? That’s what i say! as one who has been before, it’s a great place. hope it is for you!

  3. I LOVE summers too. It’s a nice break in the year for those of us whose spouses work in a school, especially if the other spouse’s schedule is flexible. It makes for some great opportunities!!

    I’m excited for your summer plans! 🙂

  4. A friend of ours has a place in Costa Rica and he kept telling us we should go visit there, so we are. It’ll be an adventure! I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like. Any tips, Bethany?

    Christi, a hearty “amen!” to your comment! Summers make the rest of the year worth it.

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