Cinderella’s New Palace

About a month or so ago Carolyn got a tadpole for her classroom.  As I’ve mentioned before, the kids decided to name the tadpole Cinderella.  (The girls in that class outnumbered the dudes 14-8.)

Poor Cinderella seems to be developmentally challenged.  She’s never changed.  At all.  In fact, the last day of school, one of the little boys tried to convince Carolyn that Cinderella was actually a fish.  Carolyn tried to convince him that Cinderella really is a tadpole.  Neither could persuade the other to change their view.

Well, now it’s summertime and Carolyn and I, for the first time since we got married four years ago, have a pet.  Here’s Cinderella in her new room in the palace:

Seriously, she really does have her own room.  She lives in what was our guest room.  Now it’s Cinderella’s room.  Here’s an aerial view of her tadpole castle:

I suppose it’s possible she has some kind of growth problem and will always be a tadpole.  That’d be kind of nice, actually.  Feeding her tadpole pellets is a lot less disgusting than having to feed her live crickets.

So if Cinderella is already a princess, and she turns into a frog, what would she then turn into if you kissed her?  Not that I’m considering it or anything.

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  1. Have you tried Miracle Gro?

  2. Something tells me that might be counterproductive.

  3. Awe come on Nathan!

    Just pucker up and maybe that is exactly what Cinderella needs. A kiss from the prince may turn Cinderella into a frog! Eh?


  4. Hmm, maybe that is what she’s waiting for. Guess she’ll remain a tadpole.

  5. we’ve been feeding tadpoles to our turtle. If you ever want me to take Cinderella off your hands, just let me know 🙂

  6. Aaahhh, that’s horrifying! We don’t want anyone or anything to eat our pet! Poor little Cinderella. She’s swimming nearby–I’d better not let her see this comment. It’d give her nightmares.

    By the way, she’s STILL a tadpole. I think I’ll do some research on tadpole development, because this doesn’t seem normal.

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