The computer problems are looking more and more bleak.  I still can’t get online on my computer.  For awhile I thought it was a Verizon problem, but now I’m thinking it might be a Gateway problem.  I can get online on Carolyn’s desktop computer at home, but the laptop can’t get online anywhere.  We’ve tried a ton of possible solutions, but nothing has worked.  So until that’s fixed, the podcast can’t be updated, iTunes can’t be updated, I’m not sure if our church website can be updated, and email and blogging can only happen sporadically.

It’s amazing how so many of us–such as this guilty one–have gotten to the point that our lives can’t even function properly when our technology has its inevitable breakdowns.

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  1. Nathan, I can completely relate. I think I decided sometime last week, perhaps it was about 5 minutes before the start of service, (you know the most convienent time for something to go completely wrong) that my life is a technical difficulty. I know that is sad, but somewhat true haha.

    I spend my free time, all 2 minutes of it, thinking about what exactly it is that I did before all this techy stuff was around. I’m pretty sure I had more free time then. Why is it that the technology that is supposed to save us time makes us use more of it. As if we needed assistance cramming more work into a day that will never get longer. Okay, I’m done. Sorry haha.

    So what I was really trying to say is that I feel ya man!

    By the way, now that I have you attention, or I think I do anyway, I just wanted to point out that our pastors over at SonRise are blogging. Yes, I said it Blogging. Show them some love will ya www.


  2. Wow, that’s poetic: “My life is a technical difficulty”! Sad, but poignant. I’ll be sure to check out your blogging pastors. Thanks for the heads up on that.

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