Pastors Meeting, Complete With Steak

Today I went to a meeting of Mennonite pastors at Sandy Hill Community Church in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.  Normally I don’t make these lunch meetings because they’re three hours away, but I found out about this one several weeks ahead of time so I made it a priority on the calendar.

It was good to see the other pastors, most of whom I hadn’t seen for quite a while.  We had a good time of prayer, discussion, and sharing.  The Sandy Hill pastors, Dale and Dave, set the bar very high for future hosts: they served us steak for lunch!  I’ve never been to a pastors lunch meeting with filet mignon; Chick-Fil-A, perhaps, but never filet mignon.  Quite impressive.  The macaroni & cheese and baked beans were also very good.  And they had the coffee freshly brewed and waiting for us when we arrived, which was especially nice after a long drive.

Eastern Pennsylvania is such beautiful country!  Even though it’s a bit far to go there frequently, it’s great having plenty of excuses to indulge in the opportunity.

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  1. We just met the Sandy Hill youth and their leader too during our retreat–I believe that’s the “Dave” you mentioned. He leads worship there, is that the one? We were mixed with two other churches for a mixer for the weekend and Sandy Hill was one of them. I wish I had known ahead of time you would be meeting him–I wonder if he put the connection together?

  2. Yes, we talked a little bit about the weekend. He didn’t say a lot about it, but he did mention spending time with the CrossWay group. Dave seems like a great guy–very friendly and totally dedicated to Jesus!

  3. Nathan,

    I thought you were a veggie kind of guy. Filet Mignon made of toofo (sp)?


  4. Nope, cow steak.

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