Double Whammy

Don’t you just love those spoonfuls of Spaghettios where you get not one but two meatballs?!?

Published in: on September 22, 2008 at 2:34 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. Seeing as we don’t have Spaghettios here, I’ve not experienced the sensation. But being someone who is fond of canned food, spaghetti and meatballs I am certainly imagining that it is a very special moment.

  2. HATE Spaghettio’s, man… ugh, that’s NASTY!!

  3. Tom, it definitely is special.

    And Darren, I was kind of hoping I might connect with some other grownups out there who like Spaghettios. So far I’m left sitting here feeling quite vulnerable. I’ll admit they taste a little bit like vomit, but other than that they’re not too bad. Especially the double-meatball bites.

  4. But it’s nostalgic vomit. With meatballs. I cooked up some Spam the other day. Burnt around the edges, add some spicy golden mustard – mmmmmm . . . ..

  5. I’m glad Dylan didn’t divulge his last name in that comment. Otherwise people might think we’re related.

    … “nostalgic vomit”? …

  6. Spaghettios are especially good with melted cheese on them. I agree, Nathan, two meatball bites are da’ bomb, yo!

  7. A word aptly spoken, Rob. Melted cheese rocks. And let’s not forget the hot sauce!

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