Mr. Hyde and the Pediatrician

All week I’ve been sick and have waited for it to just blow over.  Finally I called the doctor and set up an appointment for this morning.

I felt kind of dumb and wimpy.  There have been several times in my adulthood I’ve gone to the doctor, but usually it was to get a prescription for allergy medicine, get a shot, or something like that.  The last time I went to the doctor because I was sick was probably half my life ago.

So I was already feeling self-conscious–a grown man going to the doctor because he doesn’t feel good and has a little coughie woughie and needs his mommy.

It got worse.

After taking my vitals and informing me that I’d gained six pounds since the spring, the nurse said I would be seen in “the kids room.”  Turns out that was an understatement.  She led me to a room near the back, and when she opened the door, I saw that the walls were covered with colorful childrens’ handprints with each kid’s name scrawled in childish handwriting next to it.  The patient table seemed like it was a mile high, and even had a little step ladder for the kiddies to climb up onto it.  In my paranoia I had to wonder: Are they doing this on purpose?

When the nurse came in to check things out I told her how I felt like a little kid, coming to the doctor just for being sick.  She had a hard time not laughing after she looked in my ears, saw how red one of them was, and said, “You’re really going to feel like a little kid if you have an ear infection!”

After doing the medical thing for a few minutes, she told me I had bronchitis and maybe an ear infection.  She wrote a prescription for an antibiotic and sent me on my way… without getting to leave my handprint on the wall.

The good part is at least now I’ve got some meds to knock this thing out, plus the nurse told me I needed to drink lots of coffee and other hot stuff.  Now that’s my kind of medicine.

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