Station 7…We’ll Meet Again Someday

Yesterday I went to lunch with Daryl & John at Station 7.  It’s always great to hang out with those two!  I’ve learned so much from them about so many things, and now that list has expanded to include fatherhood; more specifically, they’ve been coaching me on the intricacies of being a husband during pregnancy and delivery.  There’s so much I’ve never heard of or even thought about before!

I got totally stuffed because Daryl talked me into getting nachos for an appetizer (it’s a huge serving I usually have for a whole meal) and a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.  But I have to admit I was rather easily convinced! 

I figured I might as well go out with a bang, anyway, as I won’t be eating out much for awhile.  Carolyn and I have decided to try to live solely on my income for the next seven months so we can see how it will work after the baby is born.  Meanwhile, we’ll deposit her paychecks into a special account that we can use for supplemental income during the baby’s first few months.  Bottom line: very, very limited trips to Station 7!  That’s alright though, ’cause I definitely went out in a blaze of glory.

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