And Now It’s Snowing Again

Yesterday I drove up to Pennsylvania for a couple meetings and a two-day class.  This morning I woke up in Oxford, Pennsylvania and saw this out the window:

“A nice little dusting of snow in rural PA,” I thought.  “How quaint.”

It stopped being quaint about a half hour into my drive northeast, when the dusting became a full-fledged snowstorm.  This picture doesn’t really show it, but here it is anyway:

A better picture would’ve been the one with the cows standing in a field with the snow drifts going halfway up their legs, but it wasn’t exactly stop-say-cheese-and-snap-a-memory kind of weather.

Anyway, to make a long story (and a long drive) short, I couldn’t get anywhere near Frazer where the class is.  After slipping and sliding and skidding in traffic that averaged about 0.352 miles per hour, I stopped at a gas station to ask about an alternate route to Frazer.  Their response was pretty much along the lines of: “You’re not getting even close to Frazer.  Anywhere else you want to go?”  As I returned to Oxford I passed miles and miles of traffic just sitting there, with several cars parked at weird angles off the side of the road.

Well, at least I got to hang out with some people.

November weather in Lancaster County sure is different from Ocean City!

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