Are You Ready for Christmas?

Yesterday at CrossWay was the third week in our Christmas series, “Are You Ready for Christmas?”  We’ve been in the first chapter of Luke’s Gospel, which contains several rich stories leading up to the first Christmas 20 centuries ago.

Every year at this time we have things we do to prepare for Christmas.  We go around asking each other: “Are you ready for Christmas?”  Usually what we mean by that is: Have you finished your shopping? Have you wrapped all the kids’ presents?  Have you sent out your Christmas cards? Have you got the lights up? Have you decorated the Christmas tree?

These things are all nice and can be meaningful ways to celebrate this special holiday, but there are other things to do to help us really prepare for the celebration of the birth of  Jesus Christ.  That’s what we’re talking about in this series.

The first week we looked at the circumstances surrounding the birth of John the Baptist, as told in Luke 1:5-25, 57-80.  He was uniquely created and called by God to blaze a path for the coming Christ, to get ready a people prepared for His arrival.  In the same way, God can use us today to prepare people’s hearts for the coming of Jesus.

The second week we read the story of Mary, Jesus’ mom, and how she responded with trust, submission, and obedience when God told her through the angel Gabriel that she would give birth to a son even while she was a virgin.  You can read about it in Luke 1:26-38.  We used that as a launching pad to talk about how we can get ready for Christmas by surrendering our plans and agendas to God.

Yesterday we read the story of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, while they were pregnant with Jesus and John.  This account appears in Luke 1:39-45.  They were all overflowing with joy–even the unborn John!  At Christmas we sing “Joy to the World,” and God really has given us joy by giving us Jesus.  No matter what is going on around us, we can experience true and lasting joy when we believe, like Mary and Elizabeth, that God really does keep all His promises to us.

Next week we’ll conclude the first chapter of Luke by checking out the song Mary sang as she and Elizabeth celebrated together.  Then we’ll wrap up the series on Christmas Eve by taking a close look at a passage you might not expect.

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