Random Thoughts in Alphabetical Order: The Letter D

D is for…

  • Daughter.  I still can’t believe I’m going to have a daughter!  “Daughter.”  The word just suddenly sounds awkward in my mouth, yet it makes my heart jump with excitement.  A day is coming soon when I’ll answer questions about my family not just by saying “my wife,” but “my wife and daughter.”  In that day I’ll regularly go down that aisle in Walmart that glows pink.  I’ll find myself buying dresses and little pink toys and coloring books.  And I’ll be on a first-name basis with all the Disney princesses.  I can’t wait!
  • Dad.  That word to me has always meant my dad.  It’ll be so weird to have someone calling me that!  My dad did a pretty good job of defining the concept for me.  If I can imitate a lot of what he did, I should do alright.
  • Dr. Pepper.  This is the best drink ever.  My consumption these days is mostly limited to the diet variety because I’m quickly becoming an old fat guy.  By the way, the Diet Dr. Pepper people did a brilliant job of spreading the rumor that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes just like regular Dr. Pepper.  What a lie.  But for some reason a lot of people actually believe it.  All you have to do is taste them both and the whole thing is quickly revealed as a marketing sham.  But it’s still better than drinking tea or something dainty like that.
  • Doo wop.  This is good stuff.  Whenever I think of oldies, especially 1950s, doo wop is what comes to mind.  The beat, the harmonies, the melodies–I love the stuff.
  • Dylan.  Every kid has a weird uncle.  I thought that my younger brother Dylan would be Laura Marie’s weird uncle.  Then I realized that all four of her uncles are weird… most of them are really, really weird… like Dylan, for example.  But he’s a pretty cool guy.  And it only took three decades of my influence to make him that way.
  • Dog.  There’s one in the hallway right now.  Not sure what’s up with that.  But that’s okay, because dogs are awesome.  A lot of ’em are, anyway.
  • Drums.  When I first started playing the drums at church exactly a year ago, it was terrifying.  I would actually tremble with nervousness as the worship service started.  But now I have so much fun playing them that when I’m not behind the set, I ache to be banging on the kit!  We’re blessed with a great group of music folks at CrossWay, and it’s a lot of fun to play God songs with them.
  • Daniel.  I’ve been studying the book of Daniel, in the Old Testament of the Bible, for over a year now.  It is so fascinating!  One of the really cool things about the Bible is that you can read it literally countless times and always see something new.  I’m just now beginning the verse-by-verse part of the study, and it’s already blowing me away.
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  1. Diet Dr. Pepper starts with a D!

  2. Indeed. Still not the same though.

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