Stuff That’s Been Going On

Lots going on lately.  A brief recap:

  • On Wednesday I was able to visit briefly with Carolyn’s kindergarten class.  Those kids are always so much fun!  She doesn’t have too many days left there–her last day is May 1.
  • On Thursday I started a new Bible study called The Creative Call.  I’m doing the study with some very creative people!  We met for breakfast at Denovo’s.  I’m looking forward to our meeting this week as we dive into the book The Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer.
  • On Friday we held CPR training at CrossWay.  We encouraged all of the volunteers in our children’s ministry to come for CPR certification for adults, children, and infants.  There was a pretty decent turnout, and we’re working on scheduling another session for those who couldn’t make it.
  • On Saturday Carolyn and I went for the second week of our childbirth class.  It’s a good thing this was the second week instead of the first, because it was pretty intense!  We had to watch a video of a baby getting born.  The class ended at lunchtime, but we didn’t have much appetite.  I never thought I’d know so much about cervix dilation, the two sides of a placenta, or perineums (or it could be perinea–for some reason they never taught us the plural of perineum in school; probably just as well since I never knew such a thing as a perineum even existed until a week ago).  As if that wasn’t enough, we also did a whole unit on pain.  Scary stuff!  (Because it makes you wonder: why are we spending so much time talking about pain…?)  But the information in the class has been very helpful and our instructor is very good.  It’s also nice getting to know the other first-time-parents-to-be in the class.
  • On Sunday we finished our three-week series “TXT” at church.  Next week is a stand-alone message, then we launch the Easter series called “i am second.”  We went to Ledos for lunch with Carolyn’s parents and some friends from church–Pete, Flor, Dulce, and Bryan.  In our painting group that afternoon, I finished my first big painting on actual canvas!
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