Yesterday at CrossWay we talked about Skittles.  Pastor Ed Young from Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, tells a story about a time he was at a high school football game with his daughter.  She wanted a pack of Skittles, so he bought her some.  As he watched her eat them, he decided they looked pretty good.  So he asked for a couple Skittles, but she refused.

Pastor Young pointed out three things that his daughter didn’t seem to realize about her Skittles:
(1) He was the one who had given her the Skittles.
(2) He was bigger, stronger, and faster than her, so he could take away all of her Skittles.
(3) He had enough money to go back to the concession stand and buy her more Skittles than she would ever be able to eat.

We’re in a very similar situation with God and the stuff He gives us.  Everything we have is from God, but sometimes when He asks for us to give back a few Skittles, we refuse.  We clutch tightly to our Skittles.

As we talked about Skittle management, we looked at a few basic Bible truths:

God wants us to enjoy the tangible blessings He gives us, but He also wants us to be His channel for blessing others.

Naturally, we just had to close the service by giving everyone a pack of Skittles.  🙂

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