Jonah & CrossWay Membership Class

At CrossWay yesterday we started a new series and also began our first membership class.

The series is a two-parter about the Book of Jonah.  Yesterday we read the first two chapters and a couple verses from chapter 3.  The subject was repentance, which essentially is making a U-turn.  At some point we’re all traveling down our own road, and repentance is when we make a U-turn to get onto God’s road for us.  We explored how Jonah ran away from God–he literally tried to run away from God by buying a ticket to the end of the known world.  As you might expect, it didn’t go quite the way he anticipated… not even close!  Once Jonah learned about running away from God and turning around to come back to Him, he learned firsthand about repentance and the universal need for God’s grace.

We’ll pick the series up next week and finish out the Book of Jonah.

After the worship service we shared a meal together.  We had been doing this the first Sunday of every month, but due to various factors we missed January and February.  I’ve missed it.  It was great to sit around eating and talking with everyone again!

After lunch we held our first ever CrossWay membership class!  According to the official church Constitution & By-Laws which we adopted last fall, none of us are actually members of the church.  That can be kind of problematic.  One of the requirements of membership is completion of the membership class, and since this is the first time it’s been offered, this graduating class will be the first official members of CrossWay!

The class is two parts.  Yesterday we covered our mission, vision, values, and core beliefs.  Lots of Bible study!  Next week we’ll talk more specifically about membership and our particular congregation, such as our history and affiliations.  Then anyone who would like to join will have the opportunity to sign the membership covenant.

There were 15 people at the class yesterday, which is a pretty good start.  The class will probably be offered quarterly, depending on the need and interest.

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