Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  September 1 marks the beginning of the -embers, when summer fades to fall and fall gives way to winter.  I love the fall and winter, and so I find it extremely comforting to be in September even though it’s still a hot month.  (And yes, I know October is an -ober, but it still belongs to the -ember family.)

Brightly-colored trees.  Crisp, cold air on the face and in the lungs.  Invigorating.  World Series excitement.  A new chance for my Cowboys.  School year routine.  Short days and long nights.  The smell of crackling fireplaces up and down the street.  Heavy, warm clothes.  The smell of impending snow.  Thanksgiving dinner.  The first Christmas tree lights.  Burning candles.  Pumpkin spice.  A full moon seen through stark, bare trees.  Crunchy leaves on the ground.  Crystals on the windshield in the morning.  The smell of pine trees.  Pleasant memories of -embers past.  Cozy.  Quieting.  Still.  Peaceful.

Love it.  Bring it!  Welcome, September.  I gladly open my arms to receive you and your fellow -embers.

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  1. I especially liked the “World Series excitement”.

    Go Phils!!

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