… It’s Off to Work I Go…

Carolyn just called and said that Laura Marie wanted to sing a song from Snow White for me.  So she handed her the phone, and I heard a little baby voice singing, “Hi ho, hi ho!…. Hi ho, hi ho!”

Love that kid!!!!

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  1. What a cutie. I love that kid too! 🙂

  2. Did you ever find out why Laura Marie wanted to be in her bedroom with the door shut?

    She is such a doll. I’m glad you are writing about the things she says and does. I have written a few things my grand children have said. Funny stuff.

    When my 15 year old Grand daughter was two and 1/2, she was just learning knock knock jokes. Her joke went, “knock knock”. I said, “who’s there”, she said, “Boo” and I said “boo who” and she said “don’t cry, it’s just a mail box”. She then laughed and laughed as if she had told the funniest knock knock joke in the world. I’ve yet to figure out where the mail box fit in to that joke. Of course I had to laugh along with her. And it was funny because it made no sense.

    Cousin Kay

  3. That’s funny, Kay!! The only reason I could figure out why Laura Marie wanted to be in her room with the door shut is that’s just her personality. 🙂

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