Victory At CrossWay

We had a fantastic Easter yesterday at CrossWay Church!  Everything seemed to go well, and it was such a blessing.  The sermon was very well received.  It was called “Victory!” and was about just that: we have victory because Jesus Christ has conquered sin and death and is alive!

In the second service, some of the children did an interpretive movement to that good ol’ Easter standby, “Arise My Love.”  I’m not often at a loss for words, but I simply cannot describe it.  When I found out that it was going to be done by kids ages 4 through 10, and most of them about 7 years old, I didn’t see how they could pull it off.  After all, it’s a pretty serious song with some real movement.  But they… wow… I’ve never seen this song done so powerfully!  In my 12+ years as a Christ follower, I have rarely seen anything so powerful in worship.  They executed it perfectly.  Perfectly.  I was blown away.  I didn’t think I’d be able to preach!  They got the only standing ovation I’ve seen in 4 years at CrossWay.  Simply awesome.  Awesome awesome awesome.  I was sooo proud of them!

We had a great time with the music, too.  We did a new song called “Christ Is Risen” which is a really catchy tune that powerfully captures the joyfulness of the resurrection of Christ.

Jesus is alive!  And we experienced Him yesterday at CrossWay!

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  1. They really did a great job. Thank you Jeanie for your hard work in teaching the kids the movements – it was FANTASTIC!!

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