The Solo Sovereign

The past couple weeks I’ve really been enjoying my time in the Book of Ezekiel.  God gave Ezekiel some really wild visions and told him to do some really unusual things.  I love reading the conversations between the Lord and the prophet. 

This morning I was reading chapter 37 and Ezekiel said something to God that really caught my attention.  God showed him a vision of a valley full of dry bones, and He asked him if the bones could become living people again. 

What would you have said to that?  I’m not sure how I would’ve responded.  My first thought would probably be, “Of course not!  These are not even recently-dead corpses that can be revived.  There is nothing left but bones—and dry bones at that!  Their days of seeing life are years behind them.”

 Or maybe I would’ve tried to act all full of faith, and said, “Yeah, God—You can do anything!”

 Or perhaps I would’ve just sat there with a blank look.  I mean, what do you do when God asks you such a strange question?

Ezekiel’s response is absolutely perfect.  He says, “O Sovereign LORD, You alone know the answer to that” (Ezekiel 37:3). 

You alone know the answer to that. 

Wow.  How true.  How simple.  Usually I find myself wondering why God doesn’t do things right.  Not consciously, but beneath the surface I often secretly think that maybe God isn’t doing things the way I think they should be done.  My natural inclination is to question Him and give Him my answers to questions that He’s not even asking.

Not only does Ezekiel give such a wise and humble response, but also notice that he calls God “Sovereign LORD.”  He acknowledges that God is sovereign, that He alone is the One who gets to call the shots.  

How might my outlook on life be different if my approach to God was, “My Sovereign God, You alone know the answers”? 

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