Sayonora, Ciao, Adios, and Catch Ya on the Flip Side

Yesterday at SonRise we wrapped up our series “Just Walk Across the Room.”  Pastor Daryl did a great job bringing us a powerful message.  You can check out the podcast when it comes up later this week.

However, Daryl and Jenna both teamed up to embarrass me, and did a pretty good job of it.  It was my last Sunday on staff at the church, and they made a big deal about it.  Daryl talked about it for a few minutes, and then rolled a video Jenna had made with lots of clips from footage of me.  Unfortunately, most of it was me dancing.  And of course, she had it playing to the song “I Can’t Dance.”  After the first service, Carolyn said to me, “I’m glad I only have to watch that once!” (She works with the kids during the second service.)  Apparently she’s not impressed with my dancing skills–either that, or she’s jealous.  So obviously I can’t post that video here on my blog, or I’d be sleeping on your couch tonight!

SonRise has been so supportive, and they were especially kind to me yesterday.  Several people gave Carolyn and me some really nice cards… and some really nice gift cards!  It was very thoughtful.  They also gave us some nice gifts.

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