The Monkey in the Flower

Okay, I told you about the monkey in me.  Now I want to know if you see the monkey in the flower.  Below is a picture of a flower that Carolyn took in England (she took the picture, not the flower).  When I look at this picture, I see the face of angry monkey in the middle of the flower.  Do you see it?

monkey in the flower

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  1. I see no monkey.

  2. Just keep looking. You’ll see it. At least, I sure do hope you see it, cuz if it’s just me….

    Anyone else see the monkey? He looks a lot like Curious George, but an angry Curious George. Angry George, perhaps.

  3. Nada, no George… Do I have to squint and a 3D monkey will pop out?

  4. Okay, I wish I knew how to draw on pictures on the computer. The brownish-yellowish thing in the middle is his mouth. You can see his two eyes above that. He is looking off to the left (it would be his right). No squinting required.

  5. Quick way to draw on pictures (jpg, gif etc..) If you’re using Windows go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint from there just open your pic.jpg file. Then to the left choose either pencil or brush, color from the bottom, and start drawing on the pic 🙂 Be sure when you save as to change the type to jpeg/jpg.

  6. Cool, thanks Ty! I’ll give that a try when I get a few minutes.

    By the way, for all you naysayers: I got an email from a woman today who said SHE SEES THE MONKEY!!!

  7. Sorry – I don’t see any monkey. I tried to, but any vague resemblance to a monkey had three eyes.

  8. I’ve looked at this picture about 15 times now and I see no monkey. There’s just a thing in the middle with three eyes and a big nose.

  9. Y’all are getting close! If you ignore the third eye on the left, you’ll probably see the monkey.

  10. A pollinating insect would see a totally different pattern than we would as humans. Their eyes percieve things at different wavelengths, a pattern that would entice them to land on it thus pollinating the flower. It makes me wonder if perhaps there are creatures with specialized eyesight that could possibly see demons and creatures that exist but that we cannot see!

  11. Probably so. And I bet they see the monkey too.

  12. I see it! LOL

  13. Yes! Woo hoo!

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