The Blogging Church

Recently I finished reading The Blogging Church by Brian Bailey with Terry Storch. What an extremely useful and helpful resource!

The book begins with an explanation of what blogging is and why it’s important. They do a great job of showing how blogging can be an amazing resource for the church, and they cast the vision for how churches can use blogging to cast their own vision.

The authors then proceed to answer every conceivable question you might have about blogging. I’m not a technical guy at all and I don’t understand technical mumbo jumbo, yet even I didn’t have any trouble understanding anything in the book.

Bailey & Storch support their writing with lots of examples from actual blogs. One of the strengths of the book is the way they consistently turn to other veteran bloggers for input, which they do through some “5 Questions with…” sections scattered throughout the book and a “One Thing” section at the end.

As I read, I was constantly taking notes because there were so many great ideas for producing a great blog, as well as numerous suggestions for writing topics. They also give some great tips for finding the best blogs and managing your reading time.

There’s even a section on podcasting!

The Blogging Church is an enjoyable read, but it’s also a practical manual that I’ll be turning to time and time again.

One of the things that impressed me most was not only the book, but author Brian Bailey. I had emailed him with a question I had about blogging, and he took the time to write a very helpful response. That’s how I ended up with this blog on WordPress.

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  1. Thanks for the generous review, Nathan! Keep blogging the Good News!

  2. As you can see, Brian Bailey is a Technorati master. Thanks for stopping by!

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