The Ultimate Hungry Hungry Hippo

This video is a classic, some of Jenna’s best work. It was a big hit at Coast Concerts back in January.

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  1. hungry hungry hippos

  2. . . . um . . .

  3. Okay Dylan, maybe a note of explanation: The people in this video are youth pastors (one of them is a lead pastor) in this area, and the event was geared toward teenagers.

    Does that help?

  4. I saw a recent show on Nation Geographic channel about Hippos. They are one of the most violent animals and can be carnivorous during droughts. They’re also cousins of whales. Funny Video 🙂 reminds me of 6th grade camp skits…

  5. hippopotamus aka river horse

  6. One of the guys in the video was a missionary in Africa for several years. He told me that the hippo is the second deadliest creature on the continent.

    The deadliest?

    The mosquito.

  7. mosquito or man?

  8. Good point!

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