Clutter Must Die

Clutter is like dust.  I have trouble preventing its accumulation.

A while back I read Little House on the Prairie, and I was struck by how simple their stuff was.  They didn’t have much–only the things that really mattered.  I mean, for Christmas one year, the kids each got their own drinking cup.  That’s pretty basic.

Now we have tons of cups–cups that pile up in the sink, then have to be washed and put away.  And then there’s mail.  Too often I file my mail under the “look-at-it-later-and-then-decide-what-to-do-with-it” category.  So I have piles of mail everywhere.  And recycling is usually overflowing.  And then there’s laundry.  And hygiene products on the bathroom sink.  And more laundry.  And all kinds of publications: newspapers, newsletters, fliers, memos, book, catalogs, magazines, magazines, and magazines.  They keep coming in a never-ending flood, and I’m drowning!

Don’t get me wrong–I’m grateful for stuff.  Having too much stuff can be a better problem than not having enough stuff.  But I still struggle constantly to keep clutter accumulation from getting way out of control.  It shows at my house, in my car, and in my office.

Kill the clutter!

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  1. clutter or hording? My mom has a hording problem, I can’t find a place to sit anymore when I visit. When it comes time to clean and throw things away she always makes excuses of why she needs the certain item/object. I think some of it passed on to me. I have dvds everywhere in my room, books I brought and haven’t even open. Every object seems to have some sort of sentimental value associated w/ it. I remember when … I’ll just keep that. I still have book bag filled w/ things from elementary school.

  2. Man, I hear ya! Good point. It’s probably a combination of the two. Stuff that’s potential clutter keeps coming my way, but then I find reasons why a lot of it shouldn’t be tossed out… “yet.” The thing that really gets me is the thought, “I’ll read that later.” Uh huh, right.

  3. It takes alot of fortitude to get rid of stuff. Can you imagine what it would be like to get rid of it? I think people who are victims of tornadoes dont have much clutter

  4. Yeah, while those of us with clutter sometimes look like a tornado has passed through!

  5. now its (clutter) called memorabilia

  6. Good point, John. I’m adopting your perspective!

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