I See London, I See France…

In July of last year, Carolyn and I had the opportunity of a lifetime: we spent 8 days in England and 2 in France. Each night, I would lie down in bed completely exhausted and write about the day’s events. The days were scorching, the nights were short, and our adventures physically grueling, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t sacrifice an hour or so of sleep each night to write about our trip.

I’d like to share that adventure with you over the next few weeks. Rather than overwhelming you with an entry a day, I’ll spread it out over several weeks, posting one journal entry with pictures (and links to more pictures) every Tuesday until the trip is over. I mean, even the show 24 spreads 24 hours over a whole season! So I’ll post one entry each week (and a last entry with some closing thoughts and observations, written on the plane on the way back).

Since it’s generally a good thing not to have really long blog posts, I thought about summarizing and editing each entry for this space. But then I decided to go authentic and post each day’s journal entry in its entirety, and unedited. I figured if you don’t want to read it all, then you just won’t! And I guess you’ll just get a glimpse of the messier side of my writing.

For each day’s entry I’ll post some pictures from where we went that day, along with some links where you can look at many more of them if you’re interested in seeing more. Carolyn took hundreds of pictures–I don’t remember the exact number, but it was close to a thousand.

I hope you enjoy experiencing our adventure with us! It’ll start off next Tuesday….

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  1. It must be something to visit a city that is thousands of years old (london) and was around during the time of Christ. Our cities at most are 200-300 years old for large cities the oldest here being St Augustine florida. There is one place in Maryland that had a city as old as london and that is Old Town MD. It was taken over from the aboriginals by the europeans but had varying from approx 100,000 to a couple of hundred epending on the season. The aboriginals were our first “sunbirds”!

  2. Haha, funny analogy. Yeah, it was really different being in a place that was so old. Whenever we saw things that were “only” from the 1600s, it was kind of like, “This is still pretty new!” Very cool experience.

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