Who’s That?

The church I started pastoring this week has a preschool called the Training Station.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a great source of inspiration and entertainment.

A few minutes ago I got to sit in on the Bible story that Ms. Grace taught.  It was great!  She really has a gift for talking to kids in a way they understand, and she had props to go along with her story.  I think I’ll try to make it to that every week!

During the Bible story, Ms. Grace sat up front on the platform and the kids sat on the floor in front of her.  I sat in a chair behind them all.  Every once in a while one of the kids would look over at me, obviously wondering who I was and what I was doing there.

After the story, one of the little boys leaned over and whispered something to his teacher.  The teacher told Ms. Grace that he had something to say to her.  So she asked what it was, and the little guy pointed at me and said real loud, “Who’s that?”

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  1. I’m sure the teacher informed them all of who you are and introduced you at that point. However, it would have been hilarious if you just kept showing up and had them guessing for a while!

  2. . . . . oh yeah – CONGRATULATIONS on your new beginning!!! I think that it is incredibly awesome that you are doing this.

  3. Thanks bro!

    That’s funny about the guessing thing. If I’d thought about it ahead of time, I could’ve asked her to introduce me as the new student.

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