God Made A Cow Named Horse

One of Laura Marie’s asthma medications makes her hyper for about 20 minutes.  So when we had to give it to her at 2:30 this morning, she expressed that hyperness by talking for about 20 minutes.  She sat on her Mommy’s lap and told us a long list of things God made: lions, animals, Christi and Mr. Josh, Nathan and Luke, her medicine, cows, horses, Mommy, Daddy, etc.

Her new nebulizer looks like a cow.  When she was doing her 2:30 a.m. monologue, I asked what she wanted to name her cow.  She said, “Horse.”  So she has a cow named Horse.

When she got up this morning, the first thing Laura Marie did was go into the living room and give her cow… Horse… a kiss on the head.

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Naked in Ocean City

Carolyn just called from the beach, where she took Laura Marie to play this morning.  She handed the phone to Laura Marie and said, “Tell Daddy what you see.”  And I heard my sweet little two-year-old daughter’s voice saying, “Ha ha, man naked!  Ha ha, man naked!”

Carolyn said that every time a guy went by without a shirt on, Laura Marie pointed at him and said, “Ha ha, man naked!”

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Bless Thyself

Yesterday morning at 6:15, Carolyn and I heard Laura Marie sneeze in her crib.

Then she said, “Bless you!”

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Praying YMCA

Last night during our family prayer time, I asked Laura Marie what she wanted to say to Jesus.

She sang “YMCA.”

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Toilet Paper Halloween Costumes

Me: So what were you for Halloween?

Four-year-old 1: I was going to be a mummy covered in toilet paper, but I changed my mind.

Four-year-old 2: I was going to be a behind covered in toilet paper, but I changed my mind.

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Little Miss Uh Oh!

Carolyn and I are in for some trouble.

Yesterday our one-year-old daughter climbed up onto the couch, stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, smiled, and then spent about five minutes practicing her fake cry in the mirror.

I’m not really sure that one-year-olds should be doing that.  Maybe I should get a headstart now on reading up on raising a teenage daughter.

By the way, her little friend Eli has been trying to warn me about her: Every time he hears her name, he says, “Uh oh!”

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Toddler Irony

Irony: Two toddlers squabbling over a book called I Can Share.

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Another Example of How Four-Year-Olds Don’t Struggle With Bluntness

Today when the Pre-K class at the Training Station was praying before lunch, I was standing nearby so I took off my hat during the prayer.  Here’s the conversation that followed:

Four-year-old boy: Pastor Nathan, guess what?

Me: What?

Four-year-old boy: You don’t have any hair!

Thanks kid.

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Need An Exterminator?

Me: Did you find any spiders?

4-year-old: Yeah, I killed it and now its head is on my shoe!

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Stuff That Scares Us

We’re in the middle of Summer Bible Camp at CrossWay Church.  We’re on a High Seas Expedition!

A couple nights ago we were talking about how God’s Word is comforting.  The Bible story teacher asked the kids if they’d ever been scared.  One little guy said, “Last night there was a nightmare in my bed!”  Note to parents: When you tuck your kids in at night, be sure to check the sheets and sweep away any nightmares lurking there!

Another four-year-old boy said he’s afraid of ghosts.  When asked if he’s ever seen a ghost, he replied: “I’ve seen a dead ghost!”

(By the way, don’t think about the “dead ghost” thing too much.  Trust me, it’ll only make you dizzy.)

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