God Made A Cow Named Horse

One of Laura Marie’s asthma medications makes her hyper for about 20 minutes.  So when we had to give it to her at 2:30 this morning, she expressed that hyperness by talking for about 20 minutes.  She sat on her Mommy’s lap and told us a long list of things God made: lions, animals, Christi and Mr. Josh, Nathan and Luke, her medicine, cows, horses, Mommy, Daddy, etc.

Her new nebulizer looks like a cow.  When she was doing her 2:30 a.m. monologue, I asked what she wanted to name her cow.  She said, “Horse.”  So she has a cow named Horse.

When she got up this morning, the first thing Laura Marie did was go into the living room and give her cow… Horse… a kiss on the head.

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  1. She is my FAVORITE kid!! 😉

    PS: Luke has a stuffed lamb named Bear. So they must know something we don’t…

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