Another Example of How Four-Year-Olds Don’t Struggle With Bluntness

Today when the Pre-K class at the Training Station was praying before lunch, I was standing nearby so I took off my hat during the prayer.  Here’s the conversation that followed:

Four-year-old boy: Pastor Nathan, guess what?

Me: What?

Four-year-old boy: You don’t have any hair!

Thanks kid.

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  1. True story from a 2.5 year old

    nephew was visting from Ca.where they have no misqutoes. was going to the bathroom when a small voice asked ‘uncle tom I have a bump on my arm and it itches’. I thought of the situation I was in, he was on the other side of a door and there was going to no way to console him at the end of our little conversation. I dutifull informed that it wasn’t important an don’t worry about it. He was 2+ it wasn’t going to be that easy. He then asked WHY, does it etch. Maybe a could satisfie his sponge that was his mind with a gradual explaining why it etched.

    I then informed him that a little bug liked the way he taste. His response WHY? What was a persaon to do, he wanted to know and he wasn’t going to like it, but he wanted to know.
    his response of course what bug.
    Its a misquote and that is how he lives and its realy no big deal, still hoping to let him off easy.

    but why does it etch he asked.
    I informed him, when he does what he does he leaves a little something behind and that why it itches. But why he asked yet again

    The little misquoto takes something out of you and that’s how he lives. Of course the question I feared came up next

    what does he take?

    I paused here, however i could find no way out of the enivitable. You know when you get a cut and you bleed.

    Yes he said

    well the misqutoe takes a little bit of that, but it’s no big deal it’s a very small bit. still hopping to soften the blow. well, it got quite for a few seconds

    “naa ahh he wailed’ as realization sunk in. I can still here his sobbing voice trail of as he cried ‘MOMMMM”

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