Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

This morning the graduating pre-K class at the Training Station was rehearsing for their graduation program.  They’re doing a poem where each kid goes up one at a time and recites a stanza to a poem.

They got to talking about what to do if any of them should get nervous when they get up on stage and see all the people there.  One little girl had a great suggestion.  She said, “You can pretend all the people are really ghosts and you can’t see them!”

I’ll have to try that one some time.

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Jesus’ Jamaica Project

Today during the Bible story at the Training Station Preschool, Ms. Grace was telling the kids how Jesus taught His disciples that He was going away to prepare a place for them.

When she asked if any of the kids knew where that place was, one little guy who’s three or four said, “Jamaica!”

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And On That Farm He Had A Daughter, E-I-E-I-O

Today in Carolyn’s class of three-year-olds, they had three special visitors.

First a bunny came and visited.  The kids enjoyed petting the bunny.

Then a little puppy came and visited.  The kids enjoyed petting the puppy.

Then Laura Marie came and visited.  One of the little boys asked me, “Can I pet your daughter?”  And sure enough, he started patting her on the head!

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Mrs. Hyde Goes to Crisfield

Today Carolyn and I saw some of the kids that she taught in kindergarten.  The one known on this blog as “Milton,” who’s now in third grade, said: “I still can’t believe Mrs. Hyde retired!”

Then there was a little girl who thought that our baby’s full name is “Laura Marie Mrs. Hyde.”

Kids rock.

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Liking Jesus

In addition to funny moments, today’s Bible story at the Training Station also had a cute one….

Ms. Grace is getting ready to start telling the Easter story to the kids.  So after the Bible story today, she said, “Next week we’re going to talk about how some of the people didn’t like Jesus.”

One little boy immediately piped up: “I like Him!”

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What the Gospels Didn’t Tell Us

This morning Ms. Grace was teaching the Bible story at the Training Station Preschool.  She had a little building constructed of cardboard and several toy figures set up in and around it.  The story was about the paralyzed man whose friends lowered him through the roof to get to Jesus, so Jesus could heal him.

While Grace was moving the figures around and telling the story, a piece of cardboard fell and knocked over one of the figures.  One of the more excitable little boys in the group shouted: “One guy got killed!”

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Princess Sarah and Her Majesty’s Gloves

Little kids just don’t seem that impressed with learning the Hebrew origins of their names.

Today there was a little girl named Sarah sitting on the swings.  I asked her, “Did you know that the name ‘Sarah’ means ‘princess’?”

She looked at me blankly for a second and replied, “I’m wearing gloves!”

Needless to say, I didn’t delve into Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc.  Maybe next year.

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Pee Pool

I knew I was forgetting something from that lunch with second-graders yesterday:

When I asked the kids what they’d been doing in class that morning, they said they were learning about compound words.  So I asked what compound words they’d learned.

One little guy said: “Doghouse…  newspaper… mailbox… people.”

I thought, Huh?  “People”?  But if you say it out loud, it does sound kind of like a compound word.

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Lunch With Second-Graders

Today I had lunch with some second-graders.  A couple conversational highlights:

“On the first day of first grade I didn’t say anything for a month.”

“I can spell ‘minute’ without even thinking about it.”
“Okay, go for it.”
“Did you think about it?”
“Only the ‘t-e’ part.”

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Fowl Tape

Conversation overheard on the Training Station playground yesterday:

Ms. Sharon, looking at toy with little plastic piece broken off of it: That’s okay, we can fix it with duct tape.

Three-year-old girl: Eeeeewwwwww!!!!  Duck tape!

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