What the Gospels Didn’t Tell Us

This morning Ms. Grace was teaching the Bible story at the Training Station Preschool.  She had a little building constructed of cardboard and several toy figures set up in and around it.  The story was about the paralyzed man whose friends lowered him through the roof to get to Jesus, so Jesus could heal him.

While Grace was moving the figures around and telling the story, a piece of cardboard fell and knocked over one of the figures.  One of the more excitable little boys in the group shouted: “One guy got killed!”

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  1. I love that event.
    I heard another funny take on it where the speaker put focus onto the guy who thought of lowering their buddy down through the roof. Being in Kentucky at the time, it was easy to imagine “Darrel” the redneck walking with his buddies to present their friend to Jesus. When they couldn’t get in the front door b/c of the crowd, Darrel says, “I know! Let’s bring him onto the roof, cut a hole in the roof, and lower him down to Jesus!” Lol, only a Darrel could think of something like that.

    —Your brother in Christ Jesus.

  2. That’s great! Very creative.

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