Welcome to (Fill in the Blank) Church!

We have got to get a church name.  For the second time in four days, I woke up this morning at 3:30 a.m. with my mind racing, trying to think of the right name.  It makes for a long day when you sleep for three or four hours and wake up at 3:30!

Here’s the deal: our name right now is Ocean City Mennonite Christian Fellowship.  Yeah.  I couldn’t fit it on our tithe check on Sunday.  Here are some of the guidelines for the name search:

  • It must be short–three words tops.
  • It must have the word “church” in it–that kind of helps people to know we’re a church.
  • We’re dropping the name “Mennonite.”  We’re glad to be Mennonite, and we certainly aren’t trying to hide it.  But for a first impression, people easily mistake us for the Amish.
  • It should mean something.  Metaphors are great things.

God has impressed on me that Matthew 22:37-40 should be our congregation’s focal passage.  In this portion of Scripture, Jesus says that it’s all about loving God and loving people.  In fact, that will probably be our vision statement: “Loving God, Loving People.”  I’ve spent many, many hours trying to think of a good church name stemming from this theme, and haven’t thought of one single thing.

There are some cool names out there, but they’re only indirectly related to the vision.  My favorite is probably LifeSpring Church, and we may even end up going with that, but it would be so excellent to have a name directly connected to the “Loving God, Loving People” theme.  One thing that makes it difficult is that anything with the word “love” in it would probably sound hokey.  Remember, we’re going to be stuck with this name for a long, long time!

Another acceptable option would be to have something related to our locale.  You know, something with a beach/ ocean/ coast/ etc. theme.  (But it’d be hard to include “Ocean City,” since with “Ocean City” and “Church” we’re already up to three words.)

Once we have a name, we can then proceed with so many other things that are necessarily held up until then: we can get a new road sign, letterhead, website, business cards, email, promotional materials, shirts, stickers, logo–plus we can actually invite people to church by name instead of saying “that church down by….”

Maybe we could just have a symbol, and be The-Church-Formerly-Known-As-Ocean-City-Mennonite-Christian-Fellowship.

As you can see, I’m totally at a loss.

 Anyone got any ideas?

By the way, there’s a $100 gift card to Outback Steakhouse for the person that submits the name we choose.  I don’t care who comes up with it–I just want the name.  It’d be great to sleep peacefully up to the moment my alarm screams at me.

We’ve announced this contest in church and are hoping to choose a winner next week.  Please help!  There’s a lot at steak–if you come up with the winning name.

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  1. Get some sleep the name might come to you in a dream. Maybe you can call it OC OC (Ocean City O— Christian) now you have to figure out a word with O 🙂

  2. Perhaps iChurch. You know, get with the craze. I’m sure that won’t date.

    Or maybe you can make Ocean City one word and you’ll then have space for another one. Such as: Oceancity Church of Love.

    Or claim your leadership and name the church after you: Nathan’s Godly Church. That’ll fly.

    But seriously, I don’t envy you. I hope you come up with something that works and is God-glorifying. I’d be daunted by the task.

    However if I win, you can donate the steak to yourself. I’ll have my Australian steak here.

  3. Christ’s Love East, Eternal Spring Church, Son By the Ocean, Forever Life Church, Holy Spirit Church, Church of the Spirit, Rising Son Church, Be Prepared Church, Ocean City Church, Sunny Skies Church, Christ Church Eternal, Eternal Life Church, God Loves U Church, Find Out How Church, Peace Love Church, Gods Love Church, I hope you find a name here are some suggestions (some are 4 words but are short) by the way do you have an early service and how long is it ( i may try to get there on a working Sunday)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! And Tom, if we go with one of yours, I’ll send you a gift card for an American piece of cow. Texas Roadhouse, perhaps?

    John–we’ve only got one service at this point. 11:00 a.m.

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