The Skinny on the Church Name Search

Okay, the entries are all in….

Tomorrow night the Leadership Team is meeting to discuss a new name for the church.  I’ve printed out a list of about 25-30 names, and I’m going to ask each person present to choose three from the list.  From there we’ll narrow it to two names, which we’ll put before the church for a vote on Sunday.

Maybe I shouldn’t divulge my picks before the meeting, but oh well…  Here are my three in order:

(1) CrossWay Church

(2) Grace Corner Church (the back of the church sits on Greys Corner Rd.)

(3) LifeSpring Church

Any of those would work, and there are several others on the list that would be pretty good.  I’ll keep you updated!

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  1. its grays corner…..not greys they sign is wrong. Ive lived i know these things lol

  2. wow aparently i was having a slow moment before…all of those grammer and english errors, you must be grinding your teeth nathan. My apologies. I was trying to say that it’s Grays not Greys, or maybe not, cause the signs are different all down that road, and I know because I lived there for so long. There does it make more sense this time. But anyway I like Grace Corner Church….very crafty thinking there.

  3. Thanks for the input, Jenna! And thanks for correcting me. The Grace Corner thing would work better if that darn golf course hadn’t messed up the road. Grrr… But yeah, it’s still a cool name.

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