Ready… Set… Smack!

Every summer SonRise Church has an event to promote fellowship and raise money to send the youth to camp.  One of the ways they raise money is by placing several jars outside the sanctuary for a few weeks leading up to the event.  Each jar has the name and picture of one of the leaders in the church.  People can put money in whichever jar they choose, and whoever has the most money in their jar gets pied in the face at the event.  (The event usually includes games, tons of food, an auction, more food, a dunking booth, and some food.)

Last Saturday was the big day, and Pastor Daryl was in the lead for getting the pie in the face.  But at the last second, someone dropped a bundle of cash in the jar belonging to Leo Ehrisman.  Leo is the church’s drummer and worship leader, and is a detective with the Ocean Pines Police Department.  Pastor Daryl–who worked with Leo at the PD for years before he left to plant SonRise–paid fifty bucks for the privilege of delivering the infamous pie.

Fortunately for all of us who were not there, a thoughtful SonRiser has placed a video of Leo getting pied on YouTube.  You can enjoy it here:

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  1. Man, Daryl delivered with class! Nice work! Let me guess – Leo got the pie, and Daryl will get the coffee. . . .

  2. Hahahaha…. Dude, I’ll have to pass that one along to Daryl. We still laugh about that.

    Maybe one reason Daryl so masterfully delivered the pie is because he’s been on the receiving end of it more than once. A few years ago I had the privilege of pieing him, and he still complains about what a great job I did.

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