“Together With”

Yesterday at CrossWay we celebrated Communion.  We celebrated God’s presence with us, and the fact that we can meet together with Him because of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on our behalf.

We had an actual-size replica of the ark of the covenant up on the platform as we looked up some Scriptures in the Old Testament that explained God’s holiness and the seriousness of being in His presence.  These passages teach about all the requirements that used to be in place for drawing near to God.  In the old worship system, God actually dwelt on top of the ark of the covenant between two statues of cherubim (angels).

Then we read in the New Testament about how Jesus changed all that.  Since He died to forgive us and gave us His own holiness, we can now come to God with confidence through Jesus.  We took the cherubim off the top of the ark and replaced them with crosses.  The contrast showed how we used to have limited to access to the God who lived between the two sinless angels, but we now have full access to Him because of God dying between two sinful thieves.

Then we reached inside the ark, which used to contain the Law (the Ten Commandments), and pulled out the bread and juice for Communion.  They represent God’s grace given to us in the cross of Christ.

It was a special time with a worshipful atmosphere.  We truly did meet together with God.

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