CrossWay On Purpose – Session 1

On Wednesday, June 20, we held our first session of CrossWay On Purpose.  There were 10 present, and we had a really good study and discussion.

We began with a treasure hunt.  The group was given an envelope with a clue, which led to the location of the next clue.  Each clue was a Bible verse.  For instance, the first clue was: “He came to the sheep pens along the way; a cave was there, and Saul went in to relieve himself” (1 Samuel 24:3).  The group quickly deduced that the next clue was hidden in the mens room–you can guess where.  Our search led us to the guinea pig cage, out to the gate by the playground, to one of the tires on Carolyn’s car, then to the church sign out by the highway, and finally to a large wooden cross in the sanctuary.  At the foot of the cross was a treasure chest containing the folders for CrossWay On Purpose.

Discovering God’s purpose for His church is a lot like that.  He reveals His purposes for His church in His Word–the Bible.  Our job is simply to unearth them, much like going on a treasure hunt. 

We also talked about how it’s not our place to come up with our own agenda, our own plans, our own ideas regarding what the church should be about.  It’s not our church!  It’s God’s church–He simply gives us the privilege and the responsibility of being a part of it.  So our goal is not to dredge up our own opinions and plans; our goal is to find out who God wants CrossWay Church to be and what He wants CrossWay Church to do.

Then LJ Timmons, a CrossWay elder, led the Bible study and discussion.  Each participant was given a folder from the treasure chest, which contained a list of Bible passages, a list of questions to study each passage, and room to write down their thoughts about each one.

As the group talked, we wrote down everything these passages said about what what the church is to be and do.  In this first session, we examined Matthew 5:13-16; 9:35; 11:28-30; 16:15-19; 18:19-20.  Here’s our list of what these verses teach us about who we’re to be and what we’re to do: 

·         be an example

·         be salt (flavor, preservation)

·         be light

·         be seen, visible

·         make disciples

·         do good deeds

·         good deeds to be seen for God’s glory & praise

·         shine

·         live our lives to be an example—attitude

·         put the Light on a stand—lift up Jesus

·         spread the Word, the Gospel of the Kingdom

·         meet people’s physical needs

·         minister to the whole being

·         continue what Jesus began

·         teach how to love God & love people

·         teach how to be obedient to God

·         teach about a relationship with God

·         go into the towns & villages

·         heal the sick & diseased

·         help people in need

·         have compassion

·         be available

·         provide rest for souls

·         be gentle & humble in heart

·         carry each other’s burdens

·         be a place of rest & refreshment

·         come to Jesus

·         not complicate the Gospel

·         remove/lift burdens rather than add them

·         be meek & lowly in heart—not proud & arrogant

·         show the Way to forgiveness & freedom & rest

·         acknowledge Jesus for who He is

·         experience Jesus with our hearts

·         personally receive God’s revelation & conviction

·         open the gates of Heaven

·         bring people home

·         be “little rocks”

·         stand against the enemy

·         “bind” & “loose”

·         bind sin

·         kick demonic butt

·         come against sin

·         pray

·         be stewards of God’s authority

·         believe what God says

·         come together in Jesus’ name

·         ask & agree in Jesus’ name

·         work well together

·         ask in expectation, believing

·         take God at His Word

·         experience God’s presence together

There was some great discussion about the need for us to really, truly, deeply, personally believe these things for ourselves before we’re able to pass them on to others.  There was also some frustration over the question: “But how do we actually do these things in practical ways in our current setting?”  I love that question and the frustration over it, because I know that at the end of the study it will translate into creative applications.

We closed with a time of group prayer, which included some powerful silence.  I love silence in prayer–it houses some of the holiest moments!

If you weren’t able to attend this first meeting and would like a CrossWay On Purpose study folder, please let me know and I’ll be happy to get one to you.  Meanwhile, we’ll be at it again on Wednesday, June 27.  The session runs from 6:30-8:00 p.m.  And so you can plan ahead–we will be meeting on July 4, which falls on a Wednesday.  What we’ll do is start with a cookout.  Eating begins at 5:30.  We’ll have the Bible study at its regular time and then head into Ocean City for the fireworks.

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  1. Great way to set up a hunt 🙂

  2. Thanks. I’ll pass that on to my wife–it was all her doing!

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