CrossWay On Purpose – Session 3

Last night at CrossWay Church we held the third session of our church-wide Bible study, CrossWay On Purpose. First we had a delicious cookout and played horseshoes, topped off by some delicious and rather creative desserts.

To begin the Bible study, we played darts. Sort of. Everyone got one shot at nailing the bullseye on the dartboard. Everyone managed to hit the dartboard, but only a couple people–both young kids–managed to get close to the bullseye.

We used this experience to talk about how fulfilling the church’s purposes is like taking aim at a target. We have to know exactly where we’re aiming each ministry effort. To further illustrate this concept, we drew a target that Pastor Rick Warren uses at Saddleback Church. In the center–the bullseye–are mature disciples of Jesus Christ who are living for and serving Him. They are the core. The next circle out are the committed, who are developing a daily relationship with Jesus but haven’t necessarily found their ministry niche. Circling them are the congregation–those who consider the church their home and attend regularly. Beyond them are the crowd, who are not church members but have visited. And the widest circle is the community, consisting of those who live within a reasonable driving distance of the church.

Our goal as a church is to connect with people in the community and move them continually toward the center, from the community to the crowd to the congregation to the committed to the core. When they’re at the core, they have embraced Jesus’ purposes for their lives and move back out into the community to serve Him, keeping the cycle going and the church growing. We must be intentional about having strategic steps in place to move people continually closer to the core. With everything we do as a church, we need to know which of these five groups we’re targeting. If we don’t know where we’re aiming, we’ll never hit the target.

When we got into the Scriptures, we spent the evening in the Book of Acts. We examined Acts 1:8; 2:41-47; 4:32-35; 5:42; 6:1-7. In these passages, we discovered that this is what God wants us as a church to be and to do:

· witness

· be Spirit-filled

· receive power

· be Jesus’ witnesses

· be missionaries

· witness to everyone

· witness to those nearby & far away

· accept Jesus’ message

· be baptized

· baptize others

· gladly receive the Word

· be devoted to the apostles’ teaching

· be devoted to fellowship

· be steadfast

· celebrate Communion

· pray

· do signs & wonders

· be in awe

· have unity

· live in community

· share

· provide for peoples’ needs

· give financially

· be selfless

· be aware of and understand one another’s needs

· be non-materialistic

· have good communication

· meet daily

· have fellowship meals

· practice hospitality

· meet in homes

· be glad

· have sincere hearts

· create an atmosphere for God to bring people together

· go to church—corporate worship services

· praise God

· be open & accepting

· make the community better

· have the favor of the people

· have singleness of heart

· have a Christlike attitude

· be a growing church

· be united in heart & mind

· share

· be generous

· put others first

· be selfless

· give to the church, so resources can be distributed

· be Spirit-empowered

· continue—don’t give up

· testify with power to Jesus’ resurrection

· let God’s grace work in us powerfully

· take care of people’s needs

· give to meet needs

· teach & preach—every day, never stop

· share the Gospel where we are—in church & outside of church

· take care of practical needs (like food)

· care for widows

· have structure

· choose the right people for the job

· be a functioning, organized church

· seek the Holy Spirit’s leading

· be organic

· have a leadership structure

· set aside people to focus on prayer & Bible teaching

· be willing to serve

· distribute responsibility

· embrace our unique gifts

· be in agreement

· pray

· lay hands on each other in prayer

· spread the Word of God

We closed with a time of prayer.

The plan had been for us all to go into Ocean City afterward to watch the fireworks, but unfortunately they were postponed a day because of the wind.  We had 15 people present for the Bible study, including 5 first-timers.

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