Chicken Cheesesteak at Rayne’s Reef

Mmm.  Just want to give everyone a heads up on the best chicken cheesesteak in town: A couple days ago Carolyn and I stopped in for lunch at Rayne’s Reef in downtown Berlin (for those of you beyond Maryland’s Lower Shore–we’re talking Maryland, not Germany).

Usually the chicken cheesesteaks I get around here have a skimpy amount of this thinly-sliced meat that you just have to take on trust as actually being chicken.  And the best you can do with it is soak it in mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce.

Not so with Rayne’s Reef!  They grill chicken (real, identifiable chicken, not shredded into oblivion) and use delicious provolone cheese.  And to top it off, they have some excellent hot peppers nicely ground to spread on top.  I don’t know what kind of hot sauce they have (they brought it in a little plastic cup) but it was the perfect complement.  Oh yeah–and there was more than an ample amount of chicken and cheese in that bad boy!  Mmm.  I’m drooling on myself as I write this.

I don’t even know how to describe the flavor of that chicken cheesesteak!  It certainly didn’t taste like convenience store food, like most other chicken cheesesteaks I’ve had.  It had its own unique, zesty, totally satisfying flavor.  One warning: All this tasty stuff thrown on top of one poor little sub roll makes the roll a non-factor.  I’d suggest eating it with a fork and knife, or you’ll only succeed in making a mess, because this dealio is packed!

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