CrossWay On Purpose – Session 5

On Wednesday night, with a group of 12, we started out by looking at Revelation 17:17, which says: “For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish His purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God’s words are fulfilled.”  Okay, I know that sounds really weird out of context.  Actually, it sounds pretty weird in context.  The point is that God puts plans in the minds of even the bad guys in order to accomplish His purposes.  If He does that even with the bad guys, how much more will He do so with His own church?  God will have His way with CrossWay.  He will accomplish His purposes through us.  We only need to search out His plan and ask Him to press it on our hearts and minds.  If we’ll do this and be faithful to act on what He tells us, success is guaranteed.

Just a reminder of what success for the Christian church looks like: Loving God, loving people.  If we do that, we’ve done everything right.

Then we talked briefly about what we’ve seen in the Scriptures up to this point in the study.  Christi shared with us that one thing that’s stood out to her is the repeated command to go and tell.   That will indeed largely define us in the months and years ahead!

We had some time of prayer and launched into the Scriptures.  We read and discussed Ephesians 1:22-23; 2:19-22; 3:6; 3:14-21; 4:11-16; 5:23-24; Colossians 1:24-29 (as you can see, it was a very Ephesian evening!).

Here’s what we discovered about what God wants CrossWay Church to be and to do:

  • Jesus is the Head of the Church
  • we are the Body
  • we represent the fullness of Jesus (every aspect)
  • He uses each part of the Body
  • we are God’s household
  • we are a building, God’s temple
  • we are fellow citizens
  • we are continually being built together
  • we are to be united
  • we are to be holy
  • we are built on the foundation of the apostles & prophets
  • the Spirit of God lives in us
  • Christ is the Chief Cornerstone
  • Christ holds us together
  • we are heirs
  • we share together in God’s promise in Jesus Christ
  • we’re part of the same body
  • to reverence the Father (prayer)-to kneel before Him
  • we are to bring the church to God in prayer
  • we bear the Father’s name
  • we get our power from His Spirit
  • Christ dwells in our hearts
  • we are to be rooted & grounded in love, so we’ll know & understand the love of Christ
  • to love in the Spirit
  • to be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God
  • to give glory to God
  • to know Christ practically through experience, in a personal way
  • to remember that Christ is able
  • we are given our gifts by Jesus
  • we are gifted individually for a specific purpose
  • to do works of service
  • to build up the Body of Christ
  • to have unity in the faith
  • to become mature
  • it all has to be done in love
  • to speak the truth in love
  • Christ, the Head, supplies everything we need
  • to be grounded in truth-don’t be tossed around by false teaching
  • to know God’s Word
  • each part must do its work
  • grow up
  • to submit to Christ
  • Christ is the Head, we are the body
  • to fully carry out the Word of God
  • to rejoice in suffering
  • we are servants
  • we are commissioned by God
  • we are entrusted with God’s mission
  • to preach the Word of God in its fullness
  • Christ is in us
  • to preach Christ
  • to admonish
  • to teach
  • to present everyone fully mature in Christ
  • to work hard with Christ’s energy

After our time looking in the Scriptures, I shared with the group something that has been forming in my mind.  A plan is coming together to do a re-launch of sorts in January, kind of like a Grand Re-Opening.  This is something we’ve talked about doing at the beginning of fall, but this would be on a much larger scale.  We could do a series that’s directly geared toward the unchurched, and we could do some media saturation in an effort to connect with new groups of people.  More on that in the weeks ahead.

To close we discussed a particular need in the community and how we as a church family could help to meet it.

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