Las Quesadillas de Magnifique

Last night a wonderful thing happened: I ate the two best quesadillas I’ve ever had.  None others have even come close.  Now I’ve had some pretty tasty quesadillas in my day, but these were just unbelievable.  All the ingredients combined into a taste that was nothing less than powerful.

It was totally unexpected.  In fact, I actually made them just to use up some seafood Carolyn had left over from the enchiladas she made for me the other day.  So I put this seafood into two flour tortillas.  To each one I added shredded cheddar cheese, two kinds of hot sauce (one for heat and one for flavor), and taco seasoning.  Then Carolyn cooked them on the stove, and to top it off, she quickly whipped up this stunningly delicious white enchilada sauce.  I poured this on top of the quesadillas.

When I took my first bite, I thought my taste buds would explode.  Certain combinations are comprised of a unique chemistry that is hard to define and impossible to duplicate.  John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and cherries.  Larry, Moe, and Curly.  And whatever it is they put in Dr. Pepper.  We’re talking sheer magic here, folks.  And the mixture in these seafood quesadillas can now be added to this elite list.

People used to describe the insignificance of something by saying, “It’s nothing to write home about.”  Nowadays they might say, “It’s nothing to blog about.”  But these quesadillas, my friends, were definitely something to blog about.  As you can see.
In fact, I just might blog about them again after I eat the leftovers.

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  1. I think its time Nathan, for your blog to have a catagory for your “food moments” haha

  2. You know what, Jenna? I think that’s an excellent idea. I’ll get on it soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

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