CrossWay On Purpose – Session 9

We had 8 participants for Session 9 of CrossWay On Purpose, in which we wrapped up the Bible passages we’ve been studying for the past couple months.  Next week we will enter Phase 2 of CrossWay On Purpose, in which we will begin processing all the information we’ve gathered from the Scriptures.  We will sort it all out and draw from it to develop a vision, strategy, and purpose.  I’m so excited about what lies just around the corner!

In studying the last three of the seven churches which Jesus addresses in the opening chapters of Revelation, we completed our ever-growing list.  We examined Revelation 3:1-6; 7-13; 14-22.  We saw that we:

  • are to do God’s work
  • are to complete God’s work
  • are to be alive-and stay alive!
  • are to do the right thing for the right reason
  • are to fan the flames
  • are to strengthen & encourage the remnant
  • are to go back to our first love
  • are to repent
  • are to wake up!
  • are to hold fast to what we once had
  • are to be real
  • are to be authentic
  • will be rewarded if we are faithful
  • have promises from God
  • serve the God who opens doors
  • are to be faithful even when we’re weak
  • are to be humble, not proud
  • are to keep God’s Word
  • are not to deny Jesus’ name
  • are to endure patiently
  • will be rescued from the hour of trial
  • will be pillars in the temple of God-He will write on us the names of God, the City of God, and Jesus’ new name
  • will never leave God’s temple-we will never be separated from Him
  • will spend eternity with God
  • are not to be lukewarm
  • are to be genuine
  • are to have substance
  • are not to be complacent
  • are not to be self-sufficient
  • are to be earnest
  • are to repent
  • are loved by Jesus
  • are rebuked & disciplined by Jesus
  • are to open the door and let Jesus in
  • are to listen for God’s voice
  • are to have fellowship/communion with Jesus
  • will sit with Jesus on His throne

I hope to see you there next Wednesday as God begins to clarify CrossWay’s vision!

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