Great Expectations…or Not

On Thursday night the playoffs began, and our church football team lost something like 35-7.  Oh wait–I meant our softball team.  The score threw me off, because it sure looks like a football score!  Actually, we scored a couple runs in the last inning, so it may have been more like 35-9.  Pretty close, huh?  Fortunately they were the home team; otherwise, they would have batted another inning and would likely have scored 43 runs!

Ironically, the team that totally demolished us was the first team we beat.  It’s High Tide’s “A Team,” which we beat in extra innings for our first win.

The postseason tournament is double elimination, so we’re still in it.  We play next Thursday at 6:30 at Showell Field, for all those raving fans that want to come cheer us on!

By the way, I should point out that we still had fun even though we were completely dismantled.  This team–the “Green Machine”–is easily the most fun softball team I’ve ever played on!  Everyone has such a great attitude and a lot of fun playing.

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