Top 10 Searches That People Have Used to Find This Blog

It’s been way too long since the last Top 10 list. So here we go with: The Top 10 Searches That People Have Used to Find This Blog. Everything in quotes appears here exactly as people typed it to lead them to “Surfing the InnerN8.”

(10) “pastors that do nothing”

Should I be offended that searching this phrase leads people to my blog? Is this Mr. Google’s way of saying I spend too much time working on this site?

(9) “Cooperstown atheist”

What the heck would prompt someone to do a search on this phrase? Maybe since a church in Cooperstown, New York made us pay to park there, someone thought they could find an atheist to cut them a better deal. I don’t know…

(8) “things that bug me”

Like reading this blog?

(7) “Nathan’s inner life”

Keep searching. And let me know if you find it.

(6) “when ministers act like jerks”

For further evidence, just go to….?

(5) “chicken cheesesteaks in Maryland”

I try to cover all the important essentials on here. It’s about time someone noticed.

(4) “gory birthing movie”

You can search the “Videos” category all you want, but I assure you that you’ll find nothing to substantiate the connection between this search phrase and this blog. But it’s comforting to know that sickos doing a search like that can find me so easily.

(3) “king louis who never took a shower”

Gee, apparently I have more in common with the French kings than I realized. Either that or a cybermajority agrees that this blog stinks.

(2) “why respect pastors”

I wonder if they found their answer on this blog, or only confirmed their suspicions.

And now for my favorite…

(1) “biblical spelling for the word ‘dam'”

No comment required.

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