This fall I’m taking a course on Anabaptist Missions & Peace.  You can read about it here.  It looks pretty interesting!  Nerdy as it sounds, I’ve been wanting for years to go back to school.  Fortunately, I’m now required to by the conference our church is affiliated with!  There are four courses designed primarily for Mennonite pastors who don’t come from a Mennonite background, and I’ll take all four of them over the course of two years.  (Grueling pace, huh?)

Anyway, I got some good news in my email inbox last week: Our conference is paying my tuition for the course!  Since I’m not taking the course for credit, that knocks the price down to $150.  But hey, that’s still 150 bucks!  Until last week I didn’t even know there was a scholarship available.  I received an email about it, applied, and found out two or three days later that I’d been approved!  Woo hoo!

Now that I think about it, this is the first scholarship I’ve ever gotten.  Sweet.

I’ve been really impressed with the generosity I’ve experienced in my short time as part of the Mennonite community.  When I first found out I needed to take these classes, Carolyn and I did the math and found that it could add up to be quite expensive–tuition, lodging, books, food, gas, etc.  But some of the friends I’ve made the past few months have offered to let me stay with them while I’m up in Lancaster for the courses.  And now a scholarship….  God does indeed provide!!!!

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