Now for the Mug Shot…

Got fingerprinted earlier today.  It’s been several years since I’d been fingerprinted, and that was when they used that messy black ink.  (It made criminal investigation easier, because everyone left black fingerprints everywhere.)  But today they used some digital stuff, which was pretty cool.  One of the best parts is that it checks the prints right away, so if it doesn’t come out right, it lets you know and you can go ahead and get another print.

Fingerprints are pretty amazing.  It’s so weird that God made each of us so unique that we even have these weird, tiny, unique, swirly designs on our fingers!  And not only that, but we actually leave impressions from these designs on stuff we touch!  Weird.  It’s pretty wild that God made it to work that way, and also pretty wild that someone figured out how to use that strange reality to help solve crimes.

I was pondering this aloud while I was being printed at the Berlin Police Department, and the officer who was “booking” me told me that since I have dry hands, any prints I leave behind won’t be clear or easy to detect.  Seems kind of unusual for a law enforcement officer to point out this crime-committing advantage I have, but I guess I looked pretty safe to him.

Oh yeah, maybe I should explain why I was in the PD getting printed.  You see, whenever you get arrested….  Just kidding.  I just figured that as much time as I spend with the kids at the Training Station, I ought to go through the same background/screening procedures that’s required for teachers.  Just to be on the up and up.  That way if a parent ever wondered about the guy who’s playing with their kid on the playground, and wondered if I have a real job and if I’ve been checked out, hopefully I’ll be legit enough to put their minds at ease.

Plus, the kids already told me that this afternoon on the playground they’re going to put me in jail (again).  This way it saves them the tedious trouble of printing me themselves.

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