So Long, Peekaboo

The little guinea pig at the Training Station has gone away to guinea pig paradise.  Peekaboo, who was about six years old, died during the night.  Some people were surprised he made it through the summer, as he was showing signs of aging.  When the little children showed up for preschool this morning, many of them got their first lesson in death.  I heard several parents at the same time holding their kids on their lap and explaining, “Peekaboo has gone to be with [insert pet name].”

One little girl very dramatically flipped her hands out to her sides and loudly announced, “Peekaboo is gone!”

There was a sign on the table where Peekaboo’s cage had been, explaining what happened and that he was a good friend and we’ll all miss him.

Hopefully, we’ll have a new guinea pig soon to pick up where Peekaboo left off.

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  1. Nathan–Josh said “He probably choked on a grape seed.”

    RIP, Peekaboo.


  2. Yeah, he may be right. We’ll see when we get the results from the autopsy.

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